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Eva Sirman

Eva Sirman

Senior Associate
Disability Assistance, LLC



Graduate of Baylor University

I graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Marketing and a concentration in Real Estate. After graduation I moved to Dallas, Texas, where I worked as a customer relations specialist for a private finance/insurance company. Following my engagement, I relocated to Houston in 2007 and began working for a post-secondary institution in the admissions department, assisting students with enrollment and the financial aid process. In February 2009, when I was first approached by Trisha to join Disability Assistance, LLC, I was thrilled. I wanted to be able to use my customer service background and marketing knowledge for a better cause.

My New Role

While in training, I learned a lot about the Social Security Administration, the adjudication process and my role as Senior Associate within Disability Assistance, LLC. I serve as the primary customer service arm of our practice, interacting with new and existing clients daily and managing our current case load. Assisting clients at each level of adjudication, as well as preparing our clients and their cases for hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, are of upmost importance to me. My passion for helping the disabled community motivates me to make Disability Assistance, LLC the premier non-attorney advocacy practice in the south.

As a Member of the National Association of Disability Representatives

Joining NADR was the best decision I have made, both as the case manager for Disability Assistance, LLC and as a new disability representative. NADR allows me to connect with hundreds of attorneys and non-attorneys who are also practicing Social Security disability representation. The group offers opportunities for continuing education and networking among others with varying backgrounds and experiences. I currently serve NADR as the Conference Director. Our next annual conference will be held in Las Vegas in April 2011.

Executive Director

My husband Jason and I are currently serving as the administrative services team for NADR. We handle the day to day operations of the organization as well as spear head the planning for NADR's Annual Social Security Law Conference.


I work hard to help all of my clients.

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Office: (770) 995-6009
Toll Free: (866) 995-6009

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