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Representative Services

Adult and Child Representation

Representation of adults and children in Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability claims at the initial application, reconsideration, Administrative Law Judge hearing and Appeals Council stages, for claimants living in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and southeastern Texas. With an intake process designed to identify meritorious cases, a stellar reputation and a mission to preserve both the dignity of my clients and the integrity of the disability process, my goal is to assist claimants in winning their cases as early as possible.


Training and mentoring of attorney and non-attorney representatives throughout the country, in both private/individual and corporate/group settings.

Study Sessions

Hosting yearly study sessions to assist non-attorney representatives prepare for SSA's examination for fee withholding. After creating, expanding and hosting the extremely popular and highly effective study session series for the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) since 2005, I have further improved the materials and session content, to better prepare test-takers

Reviewing Files

Reviewing files and drafting hearing and Appeals Council briefs for other representatives

Speaking Engagements

Frequently sought for public speaking engagements and articles/position papers about the Social Security disability process at conferences, workshops, support groups, vocational rehabilitation offices, lawfirms and in the community. Past topics include Winning Early; Written Persuasion/Effective Brief Writing; Hearing Preparation; Cross-Examination of Experts at Hearings; Social Security Rulings; Work Issues in Disability Claims; Child Claims; Breast Cancer Cases; Mock Hearings; Unique Conditions; Work Issues in Disability Cases; Payment Processing; Office and Time Management for a Disability Practice; Legislative Issues/Updates; and Perspectives, Ways to Improve and the Future of SSA's Listing of Impairments.

For more information about my services, rates, and availability, please call me at (770) 995-6009 or (404) 644-3865, or e-mail me at trisha@ssdisabilityassistance.com.

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Office: (770) 995-6009
Toll Free: (866) 995-6009

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