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Saturday, 05 January 2013 13:46

2012 - The year in review

This past year was extraordinarily busy, as I led NADR in responding to many SSA policy, regulatory and procedural changes, in addition to representing my clients and training/mentoring other representatives. Meetings in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Falls Church, VA with SSA executive management and with Congress on behalf of the NADR membership in January, February, June and September were both productive and informative. I was once again privileged to host NADR's study session series, to help non-attorney representatives prepare for the fee-withholding examination that was held in Baltimore in August. NADR's April 2012 yearly conference in New Orleans was our best yet, and included an exclusive keynote address by outgoing SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue. I have continually been on the front lines, to help to improve the quality of the claim process for my clients and raise the quality of the profession of representation.


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