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First, a word from Trisha...

It is our goal to help those who are having difficulty with SSD / SSI issues and we appreciate the kind words returned to us by so many of our clients. Our success is directly relevant to that of our clients and we take a compassionate approach to each and every case. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you.

Trisha Cardillo, ADR - Owner / Representative - Disability Assistance, LLC 

"Trisha has been a most valuable resource for our business. Her expertise and wisdom, gained from years of experience in the disability world, has provided our staff with the tools necessary to represent our clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We highly recommend her mentoring services."
Ann Crabtree
Advocates for Disability Benefits

"I had to write you this Thank You card, as you have done so much for me. I will forever be grateful for your hard work and kindness. This is rare today...I wish there were more people who handled cases like you do, instead of making us feel less than human. I had given up hope on my insurance and SSI decision. I'm sure God will bless you with many blessings for your unselfish work for others. Thanks for making my life better."
P.B.- Griffin, Georgia

"I wanted to thank you for talking to me and guiding me through the redetermination process. You are very gracious with your time and I really appreciate it ..."
A.J.- Stone Mountain, Georgia

"Again, my sincere thanks for all your work and input on my claim. Your professionalism and knowledge was always evident..."
S.S.- Conyers, Georgia

"Thank you so much for all your help...We pray God will continue to bless you, as you have been such a blessing to us and others."
R.S-; Dade City, Florida

"Merry Christmas and thank you for everything you have done..."
C.P.- Shelbyville, Tennessee

"... you treated me as a real person--very friendly and polite--and told me to call you any time that I had any questions..."
D.C.- Atlanta, Georgia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the moral support you gave me. You were always encouraging, especially in the denial process when Social Security decisions and reasons did not even sound as if they were referring to me. Your assistance with the documentation was always supportive (with the medication I take, it is often frustrating to recall), but you were able to ease the process of this journey I did not want or plan to take. I feel your work was far above and beyond what is required, and your personal touch was appreciated."
J.H.- Fayetteville, Georgia

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Office: (770) 995-6009
Toll Free: (866) 995-6009

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